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Justice Kentaro Take-Seagal; Kentaro Take; Kentaro Seagal; Kentaro Fujitani

October 3, 1975 in Juso, Osaka

6 ft 3 (192 cm), 154 lbs (70kg)

Brownish green eyes and brown hair

Yin Tze (wife)
Shotaro (eldest son)
Suzuka (daughter)

Miyako Fujitani (mother) ~ Link to Website

Steven Seagal (Father) ~ Link to Website

Ayako Fujitani (sister) ~ Link to Website

Brewster Academy (graduated with Summa Cum Laude)
University of Southern California - Fine Arts (drop out)

Career Highlights

Tommy Jeans America Tour 2 week / 8 city cross country bus tour.

1999 - Seamless (USA)
Lead actor as JB, fashion store manager by day and DJ by night, who took in street kids to show them the right path of life. Shannon Elizabeth as co-actress.

1999 - Osaka Story (Japan)
Appeared as a toy seller in the movie.

2000 - Best Springs in the World, Festival of Sun and Flower at Cote Dfzul (NHK, Japan)

Featured celebrity on this TV travel programme.

2000 - SOTOKOTO Magazine Teijin Life @ Safari (J-Wave station)

Featured celebrity DJ.

2000 - Emergency Hospital (Fuji TV Series)
Acted as one f the patients who is a talented painter.

2000 - Day Dream
Directed, produced, wrote and acted his very first movie.

2001 - The Bleep Brothers
Offbeat comedy where Kentaro played one of the brothers who enjoyed success as a dirty jokes comedian.

2001 - Dreams Come True
Appeared in this famous bandfs MTV, song name 24/7.

2005 - Deathrance
Action movie based on a computer game, directed by a renowned director, Yuji Shimomura.

2005 - Sound Garage
Co-VJ in TV music programme that features up and coming indies rock bands.

Tenshin Club, Los Angeles (Opening in late 2007).

Tenshin Dojo,TORRANCE (Opening in May 2009).