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For many years now we have received inquiries about Tenshin dojo from interested people overseas and if there was branch of Tenshin dojo in the United States. With great pleasure we can now advise that as of May 2009, Miyako Fujitanifs eldest son Kentarou Take will establish a branch in Torrance.
Kentaro Take holds a 4th dan black belt in Aikido and shodan in Hokushin Itou Ryu Kenjitsu.He was raised at the Tenshin Dojo in Japan with the sound of Aikido ukemi on tatami mats never far away.He is also an artist by nature, so he looks forward to creating art and teaching aikido as the head instructor of the Tenshin dojo in America.
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Kentaro Take's mother, Miyako Fujitani is a 7th dan shihan and head of the Tenshin dojo in Japan. She is one of the few in the world to have received the shodan certification from the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba.Starting at the age of two, Kentaro would learn aikido from his mother and father, Steven Seagal. He attended senior high school in America and also gained acceptance to USC University in Los Angeles where he studied for a year and a half before getting involved in acting. Rediscovering his love for martial arts, he returned to Japan to once again study Aikido at the Tenshin dojo and attained the rank of 4th dan black belt. After getting married, he has again returned to America to open a branch of the Tenshin dojo in L.A. For the time being, Kentaro will be teaching aikido from the basics and up every Saturday at the Yamaki dojo.
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